Brunswick, GA Storm Damage Help

The South and GA are known for severe storms. From thunderstorms, funnel clouds and ice, storm damage can come in several different ways. Sadly, even the most equipped residents or commercial properties can take on damage from severe weather. The emergency professionalswith Paul Davis Emergency Services serve the Brunswick area with quick response times and thorough repairs.

Affordable Storm Damage Repair Services

The Paul Davis contractors work locally with storm restoration after dangerous storms in Brunswick. We are ready all day, every day for emergency services and storm damage repair quotes. No matter how much damage, you can call our bonded repair contractors to restore your property. We assist with the insurance process and provide storm remediation estimates. Paul Davis performs storm damage restoration for these common events:

Tornado and Funnel Cloud Damage

Tornadoes around Brunswick, GA and throughout the region can be weak to violent. Infrastructure, utility hookups and homes can take on serious damage in these severe storms. The tornado damage on your home alone can include ripped siding, shattered windows, ripped shingles and even whole walls. Tornadoes can throw or tip over vehicles and level trees around your home. If you want an estimate for tornado damage, call the professionals from Paul Davis Emergency Services.

Rain Damage

Water can be a life-giving force, but in severe rain, it can be destructive. Water can enter foundations, ruin drywall, carpet and encourage mold growth. A serious thunderstorm that brings flash flooding can leave dirty shrapnel or sewage around your property too. Paul Davis has contractors to help with flood damage, get more information on our service page.

Hurricane Damage

Hurricanes combine the most damaging parts of high winds and rainfall into one dangerous storm. Although tropical storms range in strength, storms have been known to destroy homes, uproot trees and flip vehicles. Paul Davis Emergency Services offers estimates for storm damage after hurricanes.

Hailstone Damage

Frozen rain and hail is an expected part of winter across Brunswick. When in full force, hail can shatter windows, bend and crack siding which leads to permanent damage. Call Paul Davis Emergency Services for help with hail damage.