First Responder Fire Damage Removal in Odum, GA

Forest fires are a terrible event to live through, regardless of how big or small they may be. That’s why the specialists from Paul Davis are passionate about helping. Fire damage to properties is becoming more widespread as forest fires and arson in the South climbs. Regardless of the cause of your fire damage, Paul Davis has years of practice assisting homes and businesses throughout the area. Follow the “24-hour Emergency Services” icon on this web page if you need assistance now. We deliver comprehensive fire damage remediation and answer within thirty minutes and arrive at your property within 4 hours. The following help is a part of Paul Davis Emergency Services of the Golden Isles‘s services:

  • Urgent damage repair quotes
  • Collaboration with your insurance provider
  • Emergency structural reconstruction and quarantine
  • Smoke odor neutralization, cleaning and air purification
  • Drying out your home
  • Referral to a reliable fire damage restoration company

Why is Employing a Certified Fire Damage Company a Good Idea?

Cleaning up the effects from fires calls for the right knowledge. While heat leaves behind damage, pollution from other substances can strike while a fire is raging. In addition to the heat damage, fire leaves behind hazardous ash that can cover floors and walls. Leftover water from emergency responder efforts also adds to the existing fire damage too. Such a blend of damage needs a professional opinion to fix it entirely, so be sure you go with a certified fire damage company like Paul Davis. Our technicians are trained and insured through GA to eliminate fire damage from your home or business. We also provide elimination of damage from smoke. Learn more here.

How Paul Davis Works

When our emergency technicians appear on the scene, we create an exact roadmap of what we’ll do to eliminate the damage. Not all damage is easy to see. For instance, fire or water damage below your floor or between drywall can have permanent changes in your property. Insurance companies are not as excited to reimburse these costs after, and your property value can lessen when you build over existing issues. Our initial evaluation confirms that we find every problem in your property before it’s irreversible.

Block Dangerous Spaces

The combination of heat and moisture can weaken structural features of your property, making it hazardous to use. We’ll shield these vulnerable sections from the rest of your property to protect your family.

Expel Leftover Water

To avoid further damage, we get rid of as much leftover water as soon as we can. Mildew can develop fast if remaining water is neglected. We air out your property quickly to make sure that mildew and rot don’t stand a chance.

Contact Us

Effective fire damage removal requires technical training and practice. Paul Davis Emergency Services are popular throughout the nation because we take pride in our training and advanced tools. Our team has witnessed fires of all sizes and intensities so we are pleased to provide a quote on your emergency fire damage response.